△ 40 days ONE OK ROCK challenge ▽ 5/40



5. Favorite song from Zeitakubyo.



1. The first song you heard.
2. When & how you became a fan.
3. Which member do you like best?
4. Favorite song from indie EPs.
5. Favorite song from Zeitakubyo.
6. Favorite song from BEAM OF LIGHT.
7. Favorite song from Kanjo Effect.
8. Favorite song from Niche Syndrome.
9. Favorite song from Zankyo Reference.
10. Favorite song from Jinsei x Boku =.
11. Favorite single.
12. Favorite live song.
13. A song that makes you cry.
14. A song that makes you laugh.
15. A song you never get tired of hearing.
16. A song you most relate to.
17. Favorite lyric.
18. Favorite quote.
19. Which PV is your favorite?
20. Song that you wish had a music video.
21. Favorite picture of the whole band.
22. Favorite silly photo.
23. Favorite photo of Taka.
24. Favorite photo of Toru.
25. Favorite photo of Ryota.
26. Favorite photo of Tomoya.
27. Favorite interview (video).
28. Favorite interview (magazine).
29. Favorite DVD.
30. Favorite live performance.
31. What was your first impression of their music and the members? Was it correct?
32. First thing you think of about Taka.
33. First thing you think of about Toru.
34. First thing you think of about Ryota.
35. First thing you think of about Tomoya.
36. Anything you don't like about a member.
37. Which sound suits them best in your opinion? (with rap elements, slow/soft songs, energetic sound, etc.)
38. Have you ever been to one of their concerts or do you plan on visiting one?
39. Put every OOR song you have in your music player, press shuffle and name the 5th song that's played.
40. Post anything ONE OK ROCK related.